These files contain information on individual development accounts, including links and model policies.

Loan Documents

Business Debt Schedule
This document is a form to identify business debts.
Internal Bank Loan Review
This document is an internal loan review checklist.
Loan Application
This document is a sample loan application.
Guaranty Agreement FormThis document is a sample agreement for a guaranty on a loan.
Loan Agreement Form
This document is a sample loan agreement.
Modification Agreement Form
This document is a sample form to modify a loan agreement.
Promissory Note Form
This document is a sample form for a promissory note.


Program Policies

Download this file.Laws Applicable to Making Loans in Texas
This document discusses Federal and State laws that apply to loans made by nonprofits. This memorandum should provide NONPROFIT with some guidance in evaluating its current lending forms and notices, and it should be useful in any decision to revise or supplement these forms and notices in the future.

Tax Credits

New Markets Tax Credit: April 2002
This article provides an overview of the New Markets Tax Credit and when a nonprofit could use this new tax credit program.

Useful Links

Opportunity Finance Network
Association for Enterprise Opportunity
Coalition of CDFIs
Community Development Financial Institutions Fund